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It’s absolutely amazing I love this game


OMG this is so awesome I can’t stop playing

Needs new content

This game was really fun at first but after a month it gets pretty boring. There’s not much to do. The game was released with barely any content & releasing new content is a at a slow pace. Please work on this.

So fun!

This game is really fun!!

Great game

It’s like having Sims 4 on the go. Would recommend.

So I’m out $19.99

I bought coins to unlock the club and the game glitched after I made the unlock. So now it’s saying the unlock didn’t happen and I’m out what I bought.

The Sims

I love this game so much it’s just like life but on a phone

EA Support NEEDS improvement

I made a purchase and did not receive it. I contacted the support email to resolve. I was then told to give them my player ID and not log back in. I did not hear back for over a day and I ended up having to contact them. I requested that reward point, event tokens, and/or coins be awarded due to being unable to play. I was award 40 event tokens (which would equal a 6 hour event). I then called EA support to inquire further. I was told that with software bugs are expected. I totally understand this fact (given I work in customer support at a software company), the issue here was I felt they did the bare minimum and did not seem understanding and were unable to help. I will be deleting the game. As a lot no time Sims fan and player of all the PC games, from the original, I felt as a customer, I was not valued or accurately heard.


I did not get the Sims cash I payed for with $10.

Please make it easier

Why cant you go take a nap two times in arrow its to much to handel a tired sim

Please consider this...

I am completely hooked on this game don’t get me wrong! But I do wish that the sims had more emotion. I attempted to CHEAT on another sim and the female already married to the cheater, didn’t care. Can we add that feature? I also with there were pets and an easier way to earn money. I’ve tried every way and it take way too long for doesn’t work at all! Everything is so expensive and as far as pets go, they tell a story. That’s what sims is suppose to do right? I just want to add them for that reason. They are cute and add a lot not life into the game and I know that this game was hard to do and everything but, I just also want more playable sims. You have to buy two extra sims for a hunk of money and I wish you didn’t. These things would make the game so much more interactive and fun! Please consider it. Thank you!




Flow the cool in there

Can we delete furniture?

Can we delete furniture like in the sims on PC I need to get rid of stuff but cant figure out how I like the games though


This game is so fun it is the best game I have ever played ❤️❤️❤️😘

SO FUN!!!!!

I love playing this it's 10 times better then the sims FreePlay:D

Why won’t my progress save

It won’t save any of my progress so I’m doing the same actions over and over 😡

Best game ever

This is so much fun!!!

Good overall

Good game just wish Your energy last longer

Love it

Love the game and the graphics but I do wish we could interact more with the kids and and would be better to have teenagers as well. My sims have kids and while my adult kids are barely getting their 3 trait my sims kids are already adults.. they age up too fast

Super fun!,but...

The game is super fun I wish it was more like the sims 4 but it’s probably more difficult to create that on a phone. I wish you could control all you sims and have all the needs like your hunger or hygiene. And I wish there wasn’t a limit to the things you could get like a crib. And I wish you could age up your sims when you want to. But the game is really fun and I like it a lot.

Would be good.

I liked the game. But it glitched and this chat bubble wouldn’t go away on my screen. I tried doing what it said to do, I tried logging out and back in, turning my phone off and on, contacting support to get it off, deleted the game and re downloaded it and signed back in and it is STILL THERE!!! I called support back, and haven’t heard a thing so I Uninstalled it.

Sims Review

I can’t wait to get to a certain level

Maybe for a future update?

Hello! This is a great game but could u ya know add a couple things? 1. Pets/ animals I think it would be really cool if you could get animals and care for them, breed them, ride them (in some cases), etc. 2. Open areas This would be where you could make a horse stable or something that your sims could board horses and ride them there. 3. Dressage, Cross country, Show Jumping, Barrel racing, Pole Bending It would be really cool if you added horses into the game that you could train them to do one of these things listed above for each horse and win prize money for it. I’m sorry if this sounds a lot like Sims 4 but I’ve been wanting to play it for a while so maybe you could make it like sims 4?

Really like game but...

I am so upset. After having my first sim I created around. The game asked me if I wanted to retire her. I declined and ever since then it kept popping up every now and then. I kept declining because I’m not done with her and she just had a baby. Then today the retirement option popped up again and my dog happened to be near my iPad trying to bother me and his paw hit the retire button. Now I can’t do anything with her and I am angry. There should be an option to say “ are you sure?” before you accept anything major. I am no longer playing the game now due to this because I spent a lot of time on my sim and now she is gone and I can’t get her back. Please fix this because I’m sure there are other players who have a problem with this as well.

Lalala-Love this Game

I really love this game, I just wish a few things were different. I feel like the clothing and other home items shouldn’t cost so much, simoleons and simcash. I feel like the rewards should be for more simoleons than 60 to 200, especially for events and quests that take hours to complete. And lately my sessions have been glitching. I opened the game and my sim was standing in the couch and you couldn’t see her body from the knees down. Just a few suggestions other wise I am a very big fan of the Sims, in general. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK.


It's fun no ads but they talk in Spanish

Paid but never received my pack

I paid $4.99 and I never received anything. I would like my money back ASAP


Please remove gender restrictions on clothing and physical features! Humans don’t always strictly fit into those categories!

Fun but glitchy

They ask to retire wayyyy too early, before I've even finished one skill or relationship. I have to press not yet for weeks to unlock things from higher skill levels. The hair glitches and gives my sim a bald app when she bends down. When my sim takes a cooking risk, she spirals out of herself and becomes a bunch of various colored shapes that rotate around my entire screen for a few seconds. Other than that, I like the variety of choices and personalizing my sim.

I like it but...

I the Sims Mobile but...We barely get paid anything compared to the prices of the furniture.Please make it so that we get more money when working.Also can you please remove the time limit for when we can use the option to get energy?

Worse game ever

Ok first I got a lot of things unlocked but the game was poorly designed so when I went to restart or charge my phone all my progress will not save and you will lose everything and re-start at the beginning.

Good game but needs more

I love this game but we should be able to visit our friends along with bringing our sims so that they can be friends too. Also we should be able to dress up our kids and to change their name cause the kids be lookin ugly as soon as they age up, we should also be able to control our own kids for free. And another thing I had my baby for 3 days now and I’m ready to age her up. I feel like we should have the option to age up our kids when we want to. Oh and we should also be able to sell our furniture!!! I been so broke because I bought a lot of furniture and now I don’t even need it. I feel like these things will make the game soooo much better!!

Good but

The game is fun but it’d be more convenient if you could cancel actions

Fun but pricey

It’s not bad. It’s even fun! Until I see the prices they want for stuff. $20 for... a few pieces of matching furniture? The $100 pack of SimCash is the “best value”. And with that much SimCash you could have, like... several outfits. Just imagine all the threes-of-tops and fours-of-bottoms your sim could be sporting. (But, sadly, not all at once. Maybe in a future update.) Oh, and a matching bedroom set. Maybe a lamp too, if you happen to catch a “sale”. These are mostly just assets they’ve copy-pasted from The Sims 4, too. Just, you know... lower resolution now. But other than that, it’s not bad! (I am looking forward to that multi-pants update, though.)

Some things to add/change

I think you should add a elementary/middle school and a high school, and kids have to stay there all day and follow a schedule, but just like with your career, you can speed it up by doing actions for them and stuff. Also, for the relationship stories, it would be really cool if you could make the chapters the process of becoming officially dating, then once you complete the story, they are an official couple, and you can have the options to fight and break up and go on dates and stuff. I think these things would be really cool editions to the game.


I give it a 5 star it’s just like the real sims just a little different

Love this but

Love this game but can you make it to where you can set the outfits for sleep and swimwear that would be great and maybe can you control the kids that you have.

Good but I need help

This is a awsome game but it won’t let me play because I need to update but there’s no update on the app store

Great Game but there needs to be changes

First off I’d like to say that this game is amazing. I love that we finally have a mobile game that lets us create our sims body type. However first I personally would like to see an option to tailor their height. I’d also like to see a variety of clothes for toddlers as well as making them playable immediately rather than waiting until they grow up. I personally feel this game could totally top sims if these changes can be made.

Really good

The best life simulation game out there


I love The Sims Mobile! I think the way you can create relationships with other Sims is amazing. Totally my style of game. Would love to see more like this!

Love but I’m confused

Okay so I really like this game but I bought sim cash to unlock another sim slot so I can have my sims Fiancé and I asked them to ‘move in’ and it did nothing... like I thought I was gonna be able to control the sim but I guess not??? Lol?


The game is amazing but I think the game should have pets like dogs, cats, horses, and more. Because I think its fun to have an animal companion with you and fun to take care of. Please please please add pets!

I don’t like the tickets to buy stuff

Because I don’t have any!And I only have coins,I don’t like that you get tired and you need 15 dollars for a cupcake sims FreePlay is better than this.I like this game but there’s just things I don’t like about it

I cant pick up and move my rugs

Please fix this


Awesome game I love it


It gets boring when you have to wait almost an hour to do something

Impossible to play.

Can’t play the dang game because there’s a banner going across the screen to collect an award but nothing to collect.


I love this game but is there a way to change the language?

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