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So I think there’s something wrong with my game I see Izzy and Emily wondering around town and manikins to so I don’t know what to do 😂😂😂


Can you not do the Quest to get the baby thing! I can’t get past it and I have spent over 10,000 dollars on sims...that would be awesome thanks!


This game is awesome! It is like you are actually in the game! I suggest everybody to have this game!👍

It’s alright

Your game has way to many glitches and it is starting to piss me off!

Love it

I love this app it is so much fun, I can play it for hours I would so recommend it. But it gets boring after a while. I got to level 24 and really stopped playing for a while. I deleted it and restarted my whole sims life and still found it boring with the same relationship story’s, over and over. I think it is silly we have to do quests to unlock so many things. Also you have to pay like 300 Simcash just for a bathtub. I wish we had pets in the home catalog. Also I wish we could do more activity’s with our children and pick what they look like. Over all the app is great and I would really recommend it. I would like a reply though

App not working

My internet is working perfectly fine. But the app keeps telling that there is not internet connection and to retry! PLEASE FIX IT ASAP


I got a date


Hi I can’t use it!i found an error that means it doesn’t match with my iPhone

One concern.

This game is overall amazing, it’s pretty addictive and I play it all day! I do have one issue though, our energy runs out pretty fast doing events. It’s nearly impossible to finish these 8 hours events when we’re doing quest. I feel as though they should make it where these 8 hour events are shorter. Or make it so we have more energy starting off.

Appropriate game

Hey I love your game and all but seriously you could make it for 13- and under. So my question to you is could you make a game exactly like that just skip the sexual stuff and have it to where players create there husbands or wife’s then add them to your family’s! I trust you guys peace.✌️


i love this game, it’s time consuming and i want to play it all day it definitely beats all the other games i have. but i would like to recommend lowering the prices on the sims cash. $4.99 is a lot for only 250 sims cash. if you lowered your prices a lot more people would buy sim cash. the quests do help you get money but the prizes are very low, 25 coins are not enough to buy anything for the next quest. i started my daily playing time with 4k and now i’m at 1k from just doing the quests. you should make the prizes bigger depending on what you’re doing. and when i finish one quest (like buy a new outfit) and the ‘next’ quest is buy a new hair style; but i’ve already don’t that without it being a quest we should be ‘told’ to but we should get the rewards because everything for clothes are overpriced as with everything else.

What is this

Why are they trying to put a story mode in tho this. Bring the old sims back

Love the game

Could y’all possibly bring tattoos, and piercings. Please

Wow I love this game

Wow I have 2 children and they are loving but please make everthang free because when I get back from school I want the. Toddler bed but it is money and I have only 567th and that’s bad so I don’t like about it is that we can’t get free stuff we need more energy points can you please don’t have the energy points in the same again


I like be the game it has better graphics than the Sims free play and you get to do more, more quickly👌🏾🙏🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾


MAKE IT SO YOU CAN CANCEL SOMETHING YOURE DOING PLEASE. (i accidentally start the wrong events with the wrong sims and i can’t switch them because i have to go completely through with it)

Update hate

Since the new update I hardly ever play it. Maybe once a week if that. The new update makes it harder to earn things and accomplish my actual quests. I don’t know. I liked the game when it first came out. It was much better gameplay.


I thought this game would be like the real sims not all this stuff. No offense, I just wish this game wasLike the Sims four or something like that I hope an update one day can make this better

Falla en el juego

Todo iva bien, hasta que la llego la llama, completo mis tareas pero no me da mis recompensas, me pide billetes para acabar, así como podré comprar mas cosas y remodelar mi casa, no puedo avanzar, me esta empezando a fastidiar este juego, lástima porque era mi favorito.


My friend recommended it one day and I almost didn’t download it, thinking “Oh, it’s probably a Sims Freeplay repeat...” but boy was I wrong! A few things I’d like: •More then one household. I really want to make a Harry Potter Remake but I can’t when I can’t make any characters besides 2 in my household! •Higher energy limit. I know 30 is a lot but sometimes it takes a lot to get through events. (For anyone reading this, events are friendship thingies that can take from 30 mins to 4 hrs.) •More clothing choices! I’d like Graphic T-Shirts, Shorts, dresses, and just more random clothes in general. •Less house sets that cost real money, unless your a veteran at the game with all the paid currency that you’ve saved up. •Pets! Yes, pets. •visiting other sims at their home. •More ways to earn money!! •fandom/youtuber/Movie/TV show merch! That’s all from me!


I thought this game would be like the sims 4 but I was disappointed. It’s kinda basically like the sims free play is what I’m saying and there’s limited things you can do. I would even pay for this game if it was like the sims 4 even if it was 6 gigabytes I don’t even care. I’ve always wanted to play the regular sims 4.

Relationship story mess up

I recently started this game and liked it so far, but when I started doing the relationship story for my sims I accidentally picked the wrong one so now my sims that are Husband and Wife can’t have the Soul Mate story line, because I accidentally picked Two Pees in a Odd Pod. I would like to change their story if I could, but sadly it doesn’t have that option. So I was thinking I could reset the entire game over, but I don’t have that option either. I would like it if you guys could make an update in the game to were we could change the story line if we accidentally mess up and to have the option to start over a new game. Thanks from Kaitlin.

Llama points

The game is good, but the Llamazoom tasks and Llama points was a HORRIBLE addition to the game. I wish you would do away with Llamazoom altogether. It ruins the game. And it’s ridiculous that you need llama points and a LARGE amount of money to purchase more room expansions. And the more rooms you want, the more you have to pay. The llama points and price go way up after each room expansion. A set price would be fair instead of skyrocketing the price after each room expansion. And needing llama points along with large amounts of money just to make a room is ridiculous. They don’t make enough money for that. Maybe if we made more money working and doing hobbies, then we could actually afford it.


A few suggestions would be instead of just having a baby in the carrier, to actually have your sim pregnant first. Maybe go to appointments too, just to make it a little more real. Also make it easier to get Sim Cash. Some items you need so much and then you have to spend your own money to buy it. I love the game, but it gets a little boring at times when you need abundant amounts of money to make your home look nice. Thanks!

Please EA 😔😕

please get rid of the IIAMA tasks and the Surpraise option 🙁😖😕😖😖 And lower the prices of sim attire wear why is one dress close to $800 sims cash 😡 need more highlight colors for all hairstyles please, also Im not getting any Heirloom when my sim moves out please don't the quests so long ,NOT HAPPY 😰😕


This game is so much fun and better than FreePlay in my opinion. However, I dislike that it prompts you to make another sim, and that there is no delete sim option. In the best update, could we get that remove a sim update? I created mine by accidentally tapping the picture and it’s driving me nuts

EA’s new cash cow

Constant money grabs, packs are WAYYY overpriced. I admit I have spent money on this game, but there is no way I am going to pay $10 for a couple digital outfits or a new eyeshadow and hairstyle. Nor will I pay $20 for a fireplace and $30 for a hot tub. Completed crazy. That being said, the graphics are great and the events- when they have them- are fun. I’ve played since the very beginning, but it’s gotten very repetitive and I only play now during events. Also, I hate the surprising choice pop up. I don’t appreciate being forced to choose between spending hard earned money and having unfortunate effects happen to my poor sims. The developers need to put more effort into fixing the glitches and animation issues and less on manipulating players into spending money. Create a quality game, and people will happily pay a reasonable amount to support the devs.

It's a pain

I love it very very much.. but.. it would be better if we didn't haft to buy the 2 other sim things to control more than 2 sims. I saved up 105 sim bucks and accidentally bought cupcakes and now I'm back to 44 sim bucks.. it's such a pain in the butt honestly.


It’s amazing it’s just like Avakin life and I love both games

Don’t be fooled

This game is not what you are expecting if you want something that is very much like the sims you play on your PC or Mac. This is a pay to play mobile game where tasks take real time to complete. Think FarmVille but skinned to look like The Sims... does anyone actually enjoy this kind of game or is it the addicting nature and shiny graphics that keeps us playing?? If you are expecting a PC port of the Sims onto iPad, THIS IS DEFINITELY NOT IT.


Everything is nice. But some of the things, like how you are forced to do stuff, and you have to wait to do stuff you want to do. And, I wish it was more like Sims 4.

A little more work...

The sims is fun and all but now it’s kinda boring.. I wish you could make the playable sims your brother and do that story I just act like it now but I really want it to do that and how DO you adopt a baby like I had my baby then it just glitched and started me over with the quest plz fix that I think it’s just my phone but the point is it glitches I hope you fix it! Dream big🤓💖

pop up adds/glitches??

whenever i open the app my sim is like “you’ve won a free ______ from the _____ event! click on the icon to learn more/collect it” and im all for free stuff but there’s no icon to click and then the notification just stays on the screen. i can still play the game in the background but the notif won’t go away and i can’t find the button it’s looking for. i have to shut down the app for it to go away but then another one pops up

Pretty good

It’s a decent game with graphics better than the sims free play. And it’s a game that keep the player reasonably interested, but there are some things that I don’t like 1: it is very hard to earn cash in the game, and everything that you need requires you to spend cash that you don’t have causing you to want to spend real money. 2: The quests take FOREVER and give you a very short time period in which you can do the quests, taking up time you don’t have. 3: it is not as customizable as sims 4 (still better than free play) and the only thing that I have a problem about with this is that they don’t make a sims 4 for mobile. There is not a lot I hate about this game but from the list of things I do hate I have such a huge problem with. Thank you for reading.

“Internet” issues

I can not effectively play this game which I am sure is good because I am apparently “offline” which is not the case. It is a shame that I cannot play the game. I have an iPhone 6s+.

Can’t watch ads for bonuses

Please fix this! I can’t watch any ads for free bonuses -frustrating!!!

More plot space

Honestly I love the game it’s very addicting and it helps when your doing something and you can just have your sims work without you. But one thing that bothers me is the amount you have to pay for to get more space for your house or at least no room to make an upstairs of some sort. Or not make it cost so much to expand the land you have

Amazing! But, needs some changes.🙂

When I saw this game, I thought, “ Awesome!! Hopefully this is better than free play!!”. I’m not saying I’m disappointed, I’m really not, it is wwwwaaaaaayyyyyyy better than the Sims Freeplay but, in my opinion it’s just not gonna get 5 stars, here are reasons why: 1- To me, body shapes are a bit weird and kind of hard to control. Girls body’s all have stomach abs, which look weird with belly shirts. Mens’ bodies are a bit better but, just not the way I was hoping. The preview made it look good, but I’m still disappointed. This is just my opinion, and I will say I’m a bit picky when it comes to games. 2- I don’t like that a lot of stuff is kind of expansive. It’s hard to send a sim to work in the morning because of school, and hard to do it after school because of getting ready for bed, reading, and other necessities. Can’t you add some other way to get coins other than jobs? Or maybe sims can automatically go to work ( when your not playing ) when simoleans are low? I know I’m asking a lot, but I’m very picky so sorry. Other then those to downsides, everything else is perfect. I love the sim relationships and character/personality traits. This is my favorite game I have right now. Pls make some changes. - Sims girl


Do not get it’s clickbait your look really bad don’t get it

Great Game

Great game, very additive. Just wish it was a little more like the Pc version.


I loved the game till you guys changed the fact that we have to earn these stupid kangaroos to buy stuff

Great game!!!

I just think that it should be easier to get a couple to kiss. It takes forever to keep clicking on the different actions until they finally kiss. And also your partner should “play tonsil hockey” a lot more to. Just more romance! Everything else is great! I would also like to be able to change my kids appearance. They look nothing like there parents! Please make changes!

Wonderfullest game I’ve seen.

I love the game! It’s so fun. It’s like telling my life story. <3

Was fun

I am uninstalling this game because after they changed quests to Llama zoom it makes it impossible for me to finish the quests. Also the surprising choice comes up and locks the game up and then finishing quests doesn’t happen. Make this more time friendly some people can’t sit on this game for a hour or more every time they want to play and actually complete something.

Fun fun fun

For adults as well



Deleted my app plz help

Ok so I deleted the app and I was wondering if there was anyway I could get my. Same account back because it took me so long to get there plz




This game was overall really great! I loved the style and gameplay, but one thing I did notice was that in Sims FreePlay, you can have pregnancies with your sims. I absolutely loved that update, and it really made the game more realistic. If you could add maternity items it would be perfect. Also, I just want to say that I loved the feature where you can really customize their faces however you would like. -A

kids and more plz

plz let us play with the kids and add like a school and a pregnancy thing and more options for work. Also it would be so fun if you added different outfits that sims can have like swimwear or nighttime and it ca become night, also you can make neighbors and more of your sims friends come by the house. it would be so fun!!!

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