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AMAZING until....

Ok I LOVE this game! But one day I was trying to play and guess what happend... THE WHOLE GAME RESETS! I WAS ON LEVEL 20!!!!!!!! Now I’m on level 1 and very mad please fix this.

Best Sims For Mobile

I have been playing sims since sims 2 on desktop. Back in 2011 I tried finding a sims game on the phone. Finally they came out with a couple of sims games for mobile and by far this is the more fun and up to date game. The graphics are good and the fact you can go with them to work and meet other sims from real players. I’m definitely impressed. I’m playing on the iPhone tried finding this game on an android LG phone but no luck only FREEPLAY.


Loving it sooo much Obviously realistic and amazing Viral game amazing Everytime I play it I’m alive -me I love it so much I have 2 reviews 🤗 -unnamed me


This game is overall so fun and relistic

It’s too easy

I played sims a lot on my computer and iPad and when I saw this game I was like oh wow there is a new sims and I was all psyched to play it the face is not the same as the original and it kinda bugs me and when I started playing the house is a mess and u have to clean a buy stuff like right when u start playing and u waste a lot of money and in the sims 4 there were no energy things u only get 30 and u waste them easily and the story is easy if you want te bff u click bff with a romance story the same so I’m sorry I did not like the game.

Birthday Parties

I like the game but the birthday parties are a waste of time and you have to wait 11 hours for it to end plz fix

How great the game is

It keeps me busy and it feels like I have a second life


I love this game so much but one thing I don’t really like is I can’t control how my kids look like and or be them. And there is not a lot of choices of things to do in the day. And this is not part of the review but can you guys make a sims 4 on the App Store I don’t have a computer or a ps4 that belongs to me

Needs work.

Overall, the sims Mobile is a decent game. Although, it still needs a decent amount of work. The game falls out of the regular “Sims” charm and goes on to being more of a basic simulation game. The sims mobile isn’t as bad as other simulation games, but it certainly isn’t the best. Here are some things I think you should change, and add: •make the female sims go through an actual pregnancy •give sims basic needs (hunger, fun, energy, hygiene, etc.) •make a large variety of furniture options instead of having everyone have the same furniture •have a larger variety of clothing •add more hobbies •make job payments a bit more rewarding -Thank you for your time, and I hope you take my suggestions. I really do think they can improve the sims mobile.

Awsome! But a few Suggestions AND issues

So I LOVE the Sims and its great and all but I have some minor issues. So every time I tell a sim to clean up the dishes, they use the bathroom sink, which makes NO SENSE. So I suggest that the creator should fix that. They don't HAVE to since its very minor. Also why can't there be a "Day- Night-Span" since The Sims is sorta like real life cause' it doesn't make sense for the Sims whole life to be Day. Another suggestion is that any can't the Sims choose dance because some of the random dances they so is weird... Well that's all I have for now.

About this game

I like this game because you can have relationships with people but I’m trying to proceed to to have a baby and you do exiting stuff the reason I don’t like this is because you do s tuff all over again.

I love but I have a suggestion

Hi so I love the sims 4 but I was wondering if there was a way you could do the sims 4 on the phone. Please try!! Btw this game is great!!! That’s all😋 please try to get the sims 4 here on the phone!! Bye!

Keirsten Nichelson


Fix frozen screen PLEASE!!!

My sims screen has been froze on “ A surprising choice” for a week now:( please fix!!!!!!!!!:( I’ve gotten so far

Surprising Choice

I like this game a ton so can you please unfreeze my game...? It’s stuck on “A Surprising Choice”

The cool game

You guys have the best game ever thank you so much I’m proud of you guys!

Non creepy version of sims freeplay

This is the non creepy looking version of sims freeplay like it has better option amd more fun. Plus my characters are smoki'n hot.

My first app on mobile!

Hi people scrolling through reviews or developers. This game was my first app I downloaded on mobile, and so far I LOVE it! But, I have just a few ideas and problems.. one is.. the baby quest gives you not enough time to complete it, and that stresses me out. I'm on level 16 and STILL don't have even a single baby/kid. Another is when a Sim retires you can't control it anymore. I retired my fav Sim and can't get it back which disappoints me... but don't worry, I ain't going anywhere 😂 Also, if you could make things less expensive I would appreciate it 110%. Also I would like it if you could see other player's houses. Other than that, this game is great and fun! Also for some reason I like adds... 😐 Oof welp ADIOS AMIGOS!!

You don’t have to click I’m probably not going to help

I personally was not a fan of this game it was fun at first but then I realized you have to wait the actual amount of time. I liked the sims 4 so much better and I wish they made it more like that.


I really like the game and all the interactions. I really just luv it but my only problem is that sometimes it says I got some thing and I check it and it is locked. I feel like it is a glitch and it is interfering with my game play and more. It said I got the birthday cake but it was locked. It said I got the heirloom case but I didn’t and it is telling me a lot of stuff that I actually don’t have.Please fix this problem. I just really love Sims mobile and don’t want this to happen.

great but...

i love sims and probably play it too much! i love having multiple players, relationships(my favvv) and having jobs. i just wish that you could either have a longer energy span or it would less time for the toilet, shower, bed, and tub to recharge!


Love love the game and have been playing it for awhile! I have a suggestion that I think could be awesome! How about being able to give stickers to other houses. So when you visit someone’s house and you like the way it is decorated, you can give them a sticker. I think this will make players even more motivated to buy things to decorate their homes so it’s a win win for everybody. I’m not sure what the reward for the stickers could be though, I’ll leave that to y’all :)

App bugs

Game has a ‘Surprising Choice’ program that freezes the whole game when you are trying to complete events. Not this first time this has happened. Some players have been frozen for weeks. EA knows about it. No ETA fix. Play something that works.



Stuck On Surprising Choice

Overall the app is good but sometimes my phone got stuck on “a surprising choice” and it won’t move! Someone please fix this issue I want to play the game!

Fun, but....

Good stuff, but the ad for “Choices” plays sound even when my phone’s sound is turned off. And the music sounds like porn. I don’t mind the ads playing but it’s embarrassing to have this going while I’m on the bus and the Skinemax music comes in even when I’ve made a point of having ny phone on silent. Nothing against porn, but I don’t need random strangers thinking I’m watching porn in public.

Time trouble

I like the game but every since the update it keeps starting over my time with my events.

I like it but...

I like it but I can’t turn left and right

Sims mobile

I like the game a lot but one thing that I don’t like is the fact that you have to use super sim tickets to have babies which are a little difficult to acquire

Great game, but I have some suggestions

I would like to suggest that the super tickets are easier to get. Especially the super Sim tickets. I try and try to get them but you can only get them if you host the party. And you can only host one a week so it can take a long time to get them. I also am not liking the fact that the "tough decisions" are very very expensive. But overall the game is fun, just may need to be tweaked a bit.

The smasher🙄

I really really like this game but when it comes to making a character playable its a problem. The character that you try to make playable gets smashed down and then you can’t play the game until the next day. Like I said before I love this game but this has happened 3 times since the last week of June, ounce last week, once in June, and just this morning. So please try to fix that soon thank you😌.


Love the Sims, although the app has been slow and lagging a lot lately. Thought I needed to clear space but it seems to just be the app. Overall great game!


Glitches way too much, I’ll click to watch an ad for a reward and no ad pops up but the option to watch one goes away, i watch an ad and then get no reward, the prices of things aren’t accurate like they are in the actual sims (why would a plant cost more than a couch), the goal of this app is to get you to use your real money.

Fun for a little while

This game was very fun when I first started playing about 3 weeks ago. But now there’s just not much to do. The daily “to do” list is the same everyday, so after awhile it’s not fun to complete it anymore. I just wish there were more activities or events to do.

Load times worse than the actual Sims 4

I just downloaded the app and started it up but it’s been stuck on a loading screen for literally 10 minutes. And I know it’s not my phone because I’ve only had it for 2 months and I’m not short on storage.

Pregnancy official?

This game is very fun and amazing! If I could I would spend all day on the sims! It’s a good game overall but I have one suggestion as someone other said. Pregnancy should be official. Make sims woohoo then take a pregnancy test and have the belly grow each trimester just like the sims 4. The pregnancy doesn’t have to be real life trimesters but in the game the trimesters should be like the sims 4 and make the belly grow just like the sims 4. And also be allowed to throw baby showers when finding out the sim is pregnant. In the hospital there should be a place called delivery room and that’s where the sim gives birth when ready to have the baby. That would be a great update to do there should also be quests to make the babies room! And also gender reveals when having the baby shower! That would be way fun. The game is amazing but if it has this update it would be way way better!


Game is excellent but maybe add things like being able to buy pets and being able to make a second floor and adding pools and balcony’s to make the game for fun!


Great game but it’s a really long time for some of the dates and limited addition events

Nice and entertaining game

When is Taiwan’s App Store going to have this game...I have to download it with my American ID and when it comes to update it’s quite an issue :(



There are some issues....

The game is extremely fun and I play it all the time but I hate how it makes you do things. Like you have to throw this party, you have to get a job. Or you cant do this until level 7 or whatever. I think that’s annoying because I just want to play as my sim and have do whatever they want. YOU ALSO CANT END PARTIES. Listen the parties are 12 HOURS LONG and I don’t want to wait that out or sit on my phone for twelve hours. I also had an issue where the game had me throw my first party and I was in he midst of the “A Taste of Bliss” quest which in one of the fifteen parts of having a wedding. Those are the only things they need to fix for now.

Needs improvement

Ok in the beginning I ABSOLUTELY LOVED THIS GAME. I even gave it a 5 star rating when I wrote the first review. It was great until the baby quest. I can not get passed it!!! You only have a day and a few hours to finish the quest and there are 15 steps. That might not sound bad, but I am not talking about 30sec steps, on step takes six hours!!! Not all steps take this long, but still. I am not going to sit all day long just to finish a quest! I mean I love all the sims games, but this one definitely won’t be my favorite if this doesn’t get fixed. I am also positive I will bring my rating back up to a five if this one issue is fixed. Thanks.


The Sims Mobile is definitely better than The Sims Freeplay. You can customize your Sim to the greatest extents, and you can make your home look completely different with color options! Obviously you can speed up work time by helping your Sim out, and you can get rewards just by completing a few easy tasks! Those are all very good pros to this game. There is one problem I have though. Tickets. Specifically, Super Sim Tickets. I finally completed the Baby Quest, and I received the cradle to have a baby! Of course as soon as I placed it I took my Sim over to check it out. The options to me seemed amazing! You could adopt, boy or girl, and have a Sim with your partner! I didn’t quite know what I wanted to pick, so I checked the price to have a baby before anything else. 3 Energy, 2 Super Sim Tickets. Of course, me just staring to play this game about two weeks ago, had 0 Super Sim Tickets. I did know that you could receive them from parties, so I proceeded to take my Sims to a party. I was happy when both my Sims reached their parties to level 10! However, (and not surprisingly to be honest,) I received NO Super Sim Tickets. I did this process again, because I figured that you HAD to get some the second time around. NO Super Sim Tickets. I was getting quite annoyed at this point, as I had spent SimCash to buy Birthday Cakes and Birthday Cakes to get energy. I have been trying to go to a party every day now. But as you may know now, NO SUPER SIM TICKETS. I refuse to buy anything from the store with real money, because that is just a waste and stupid. Please, make it easier to get Super Sim Tickets!

Really good game

This game is insanely fun but a suggestion is how sims FreePlay added pregnancy , you guys should do the same. Also, I think there should be more options to get simoleons and simcash besides work and events. Also another thing for build mode, you should add the option to put the walls down or up. Another thing that you should add is nighttime. Like REAL nighttime. It’s always daytime in the game. Another thing is in CAS or design sim mode, we should be able to pick our everyday, formal, swim,etc.another thing would be a big change but would make it more realistic. You should not make EVERY SINGLE ACTION 5 SECONDS no one sleeps for 5 seconds. No one cooks a meal in 5 seconds. Anooooother thing is that you should add stairs. And should be able to watch TV when the tv actually comes on.


I love this game just needs a few improvements like more animations and that every time my sim finishes their task they just stand there until you press the green mark. Can it just give out XP then our sim just roams around. It would be cool if your could see your sim driving down to like the market in a 3D way or such. Can we also get like neighbors like houses next to our house like a small neighborhood cause it kinda gets boring just being yourself at one place and maybe add new places like a school movie studio maybe we can buy house in the future by the seaside but still with neighbors lol. But anyway I love the game keep it up

The app is fun

It’s fun, but it always says “Check your network” and the WiFi Is totally fine! Please fix! Thank You


Make retirement more optional!!! I just accidentally retired my best sim and now I’m going to delete the game.

Huge cash grab

There is a new “feature” where random sims will ask you something and you have to either spend a ton of dollars or pick a choice that will negatively affect your sim. It essentially punishes you for not spending money. There are no other options to even earn it, you have to spend some sort of money item. Then, when you proceed to refuse the offer and accept the consequences the some will SHAME your sim. What a disgusting thing to do. EA, you are the greediest game company. Shame on you.

Giving this game a 10/9?!

Love how everything goes smoothly and perfectly. Been playing The Sims Mobile since the beginning of July and have been enjoying it ever since. However, I have a few suggestions. When there’s a short event as to which you trade stuff for limited items please make their dates slightly extended. Last event, which was the Summer Barbecue, I couldn’t get the Barbecue item. All I got was a couple of benches, lanterns, and chairs. Hope you take this into consideration. Also, it would be nice if you guys add more hairstyles and clothing. That would be interesting. Just my opinion and whatever floats your boat I’ll still find this game to be worth playing. Thank you so much.

Frustrated with the time limits

I like that you can really customize your sims, however the game gets incredibly frustrating when trying to complete a quest before time runs out. It feels as if there is no way to accomplish this since each (2 day) quest has several events and each event takes several hours to finish. Their energy runs out so quickly and there is no way to refuel the Sims after a while. I feel like trying to accomplish the quests in the time limit is an incredible waste of time and frankly, I don’t think it’s possible unless all day is spent trying to accomplish the quest. In all honestly, the frustration will probably lead me to get rid of this app. The hours I’ve wasted just to miss out on the unachievable “rewards”...

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